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Hello and welcome to FL&Co.  With Fostering Logistics & Co, you will learn what you need to know about your trade of choice within 6 weeks. 

Once you've completed your course load, you'll receive a certificate of completion. Two weeks prior to your last session we'll began pruning you for interviews and making sure your resume is up to par.  When ready, you'll have the options to transition as a FL&Co employee, or be referred to local distribution centers, and warehouses that are looking to hire trained individuals, that are eager to work and join their teams. 

Get ready for the next chapter of your life. Despite life's challenges, YOU have the power within, to apply yourself and make a good honest living for you and your family.  A successful future is a choice. FL&Co challenges you to make that choice every day. Let's WORK! 


Did you know that the knowledge and hands-on experience you gain with FL&CO can get you into the below positions?

  • Non CDL Driver (26ft box truck/Sprinter)

  • Dispatcher

  • Freight Broker

  • Trucking Mechanic

  • Warehousing Professional

    • Warehouse Manager

    • Warehouse Picker/Packer

    • Warehouse Stocker

    • Warehouse Technician

    • Account Manager

    • Logistics Coordinator

    • Inventory Manager 

How Much Can You Make?

Non-CDL Driver: $31,440 to $61,000 (at minimum) 

Freight Dispatcher:  $35,000 - $70,000

Freight Broker: $53,000 - $80,000  
Trucking Mechanics: $30,000 - $87,000 
Warehouse Professional: $30,000-$110,000



This course focuses on introducing participants to the logistics industry and the role of a NON-CDL Carrier/owner operator. Students will gain a deep understanding of the logistics supply chain, including the movement of goods, transportation modes, and the various stakeholders involved.


Introduction to Freight Brokerage and Transportation Management is a curriculum module designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the freight brokerage industry and the principles of transportation management. This module will cover the fundamental concepts, processes, and strategies involved in freight brokerage and transportation management, equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in this dynamic field.
The module will begin by introducing students to the role and importance of freight brokers in the transportation industry. Students will learn about the various stakeholders involved in freight brokerage, including shippers, carriers, and intermediaries, and how they collaborate to ensure the efficient movement of goods. They will also explore the legal and regulatory framework governing freight brokerage operations.


The Introduction to Dispatching course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and skills required for effective dispatching in various industries. Dispatching plays a crucial role in coordinating and managing resources, ensuring timely delivery of goods and services, and maintaining efficient operations. This course serves as a foundation for individuals interested in pursuing a career in dispatching or for professionals looking to enhance their skills in this field.


This curriculum typically covers topics related to managing and optimizing the flow of products in a warehouse distribution environment. In this course the student will receive an overview of warehouse distribution systems and technology, inventory management, picking and packing, transportation selection, route planning, freight forwarding and shipping.


Introduction to Trucking Mechanics provides an overview of the trucking industry, the role of truck mechanics, safety regulations, industry standards for truck maintenance, engine systems, electrical systems, brake systems, suspension and steering,  transmission and drivetrain, preventative maintenance, inspections etc.

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